This is the list of grants we awarded in the year 2018/19.  

So far we have awarded 11 grants  supporting education and livelihoods projects with a total value of £386,690.


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Grants Awarded in 2018/19  


Collaborative Schools Network   

Transforming public schools in Nepal:

Through comprehensive partnerships with government schools, CSN work with teachers and leadership to transform quality of teaching, management, infrastructure and parent relations. 

£15,508 over one year.



Monitoring and evaluation capacity support:

A grant to support the development of M&E systems and capacity. 

£35,000 over two years.

Fundi Bots  

Accelerating Learning Outcomes for Science Students In Uganda:

This project will support the opening up of two regional centres in Northern and Western Uganda; training 225 science teachers from 50 schools to use enhanced science teaching aids; establishing technical and soft-skills training for youth and; scale a parallel Fundi Girls program focused on equitable access to education and career development for 750 girls. This will directly improve and accelerate learning outcomes in sciences for 5,700 students across Uganda and, indirectly, we will provide better learning tools for 22,500 students.

£28,850 over one year.


The Glacier Trust 

Mandan Deupur AgroForestry Resource Centre (M-D AFRC) Enhancing the resilience of three vulnerable communities to climate change risks through promotion of more sustainable and profitable livelihoods

£55,658 over three years


Green Shoots Foundation 

Agri-Tech Centre for Rural Development:

Setting up and running a vocational training centre aiming to improve skills and techniques for horticulture and rural development in Northern Cambodia.

£14,000 over three years.


The Learning Trust

Funding to support grassroots after school clubs in South Africa. 80% of MMT funding will be re granted to these organisations and will support their development and the rest will support the after school sector through developing the network and advocacy. 

£50,157 over two years 


The Marr-Munning Ashram

Funding to meet 93% of the running costs for a hostel at Jeypore for secondary school age tribal children from the Koraput District, Southern Orissa. Additional funding (£1680) for organisational development support.  

£22,000 over one year 


Redearth Education:

A project to develop skills in early grade reading in 31 rural government schools in Masindi, Uganda:

A project to work with 31 rural government schools in Masindi District to support the development of literacy with a focus on community involvement to ensure there is buy in from parents and that parental and community needs are addressed.

Teachers from P1 to P4 will be trained in early grade reading receiving 10  days of training per year. Field Officers will provide a day of in school support to schools every four weeks. This will involve in school training, demonstration lessons, lesson observations and feedback and 1:1 support for teachers.

Meetings with the local communities will take place to develop their understanding of the importance of literacy and also to support any illiterate parents ot read their own language

£31,484 over two years.


Spark Microgrants   

Facilitating Community Driven Development in Rwanda:

Spark supports governments and civil society to develop inclusive democratic processes. Spark has
developed a streamlined village planning and granting process, termed the Facilitated Collective Action Process (FCAP), that equips villages facing poverty to launch a project of their choice, such as a farm or school. The Marr-Munning Trust will support 10 communities over 1 year. 

£100,000 over one year.


University of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Skopje

Sponsorship of The Frank Harcourt Munning Awards – presented to the 6 highest achieving students in the final year of studies in the fields of Humanities, Architecture and Fine Arts. In 1983 Frank was made an honorary citizen of Skopje, Macedonia (then in the former country of Yugoslavia) for his leadership of the War on Want campaign to raise money when an earthquake wrecked the city in 1963. The campaign raised £1.5 million for the disaster relief fund, which at that time was the largest amount ever collected by one relief organisation.  Frank maintained a strong association with the University in Skopje for the remainder of his life and instituted the Awards in 1980.

£1,000 one-off grant




Xavier Project   

Catalysing Refugee Income Growth and Integration through an Innovative Farming Social Enterprise in Refugee Settlements:

Funding to support a farming social enterprise model that supports refugees in protracted situations, through access to skills and networks, and improvement in market conditions. The Farming Enterprise aims to train thousands of refugee small-holder farmers in Rwamwanja Settlement in Uganda, while improving market structures in the area for refugees to become self-reliant and able to contribute to the local economy. This model will scale to other camp and settlement settings in East Africa.

£30,000 over one year.




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