This is the list of grants we awarded in September 2013.  11 grants, supporting education for children and training for adults across 5 countries, with a total value of £152,929

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Grants Awarded in September 2013 – 11 grants with a total value of £152,929:    

Ace Africa

To provide secondary school education to 16 vulnerable children in rural Western Kenya through the provision of school fees.

£15,200 over 2 years 

Gram Niyojan Kendra

To continue support for the running of the ‘Samriddhi Bal Vidya Mandir’ school for children belonging primarily to disadvantaged sections of the community in Rajasthan, India.

£27,434 over 3 years 

Institute of Social Research and Development

Training for 100 tribal women in silk weaving, entrepreneurship and business skills in Manipur, India.


Jubilee Action

To improve the literacy and numeracy abilities of 910 marginalised children and 147 adults with street connections in Kisumu, Kenya.

£16,687 over 2 years 

Love Thy Neighbour

To provide pre-school education and nutrition to 40 poor children and livelihood development to their parents from the CHAR (silted river bed) rural area in Bhola District, Bangladesh.

£19,585 over 2 years 

National Youth Service Action and Social Development Research Institute

To raise the income and self-esteem of 200 poor tribal women through micro entrepreneurship development in Odisha, India.

£11,706 over 2 years 

Seeds for Africa

To support the ‘Feeding our Future’ project to link school breakfast clubs with food gardens to benefit 1010 pupils aged 4-19 years in Mukono District, Uganda.

£9,708 over 2 years 

The Converging World

To provide solar power for the library and study area for after dark education and training activities at the Ramakrishna Sarada Samiti Centre serving the slum community in Sion, Mumbai, India.


The Kasiisi Porridge Project

Contribution to provision of a mug of maize flower porridge per day for 1500 children attending 2 primary schools in rural Western Uganda.

£4,000 over 2 years 

The Sabre Charitable Trust

To contribute to the costs of constructing the Dominase Sustainable Kindergarten Complex in Ghana to benefit 80 children each year.


Village Service Trust

To promote “primary education for all” for marginalised tribal children in South India through a residential centre and village outreach programme provided by the Nilgiris Wyanaad Tribal Welfare Society.

£13,449 over 2 years


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