This is the list of grants we awarded in September 2014.  25 grants, supporting education for children and training for adults with a total value of £358,843*

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Grants Awarded in september 2014 – 25 grants with a total value of £358,843*:    

Build It International

Contribution to schools construction programme to benefit a total of 4,052 pupils and 70 adults who will be trained in construction methods in Zambia

£20,000 over 2 years

Build It International

Training for a total of 165 people (who have already been trained in construction methods by the applicant) to assist them to find employment in Zambia

£20,000 over 2 years

ChildHope UK

Costs of providing support to 160 families (total of 360 children) including vocational training and business advice in Nepal.  This grant was originally awarded to International Childcare Trust which has subsequently decided to close down.  The grant was transferred to ChildHope UK who are continuing the project.

£20,000 over 2 years

Child of Hope

Final construction costs of 3 a storey nursery/primary school building providing free education to 600 pupils aged 3 ½ to 14 years in East Uganda

£11,000 over 1 year

Education for Life

Contribution to the cost of equipping a centre to benefit 10 disabled children and children with special needs aged 6 to 14 years in Kenya



Contribution to construction and running costs of a pre-primary classroom to benefit between 50-75 children per year aged 4 to 6 years in Tanzania

£13,432 over 2 years

Jeevika Trust (India Development Group)

Costs of vocational training (candle making, areca nut plate making, etc) plus revolving loan fund and purchase of raw materials to benefit a minimum of 150 women in India

£6,000 over 2 years

International Development Partnerships

To buy English language books, CDs and other educational materials to stock the Centre's library to improve the quality of teaching to benefit 4,153 primary school children aged 7 to 14 in Northern Ethiopia

£8,335 over 1 year

Kaloko Trust

Contribution to construction costs of a building to provide classroom space for up to 200 children, an office and storeroom at a primary school in Zambia

£14,964 over 2 years

Kids in Need of Education

School fees, uniforms and educational materials costs for 20 girls - plus food, healthcare, clothing and other support costs for 10 of those girls living in hostels in Nepal

£38,560 over 5 years

Lively Minds

Cost of pilot training scheme for 80 kindergarten teachers to provide playschemes for a total of 6,750 children aged 4 to 6 in Ghana

£20,000 over 2 years

Mahila Sewak Samaj

Costs of tailoring, embroidery and beautician training (including equipment and materials) for a total of 180 women in India

£9,728 over 2 years 

Milaan be the Change

Tuition fees, uniforms, educational materials and associated project running costs to benefit a total of 100 girls aged 13 to 18 in India

£18,798 over 2 years

Mondochallenge Foundation

Costs of training 127 teachers from 14 schools to benefit a total of 1,950 primary school children aged 4 to 12 in the Himalayan foothills in India

£4,687 over 1 year

One to One Children’s Fund

Costs of training staff in 14 schools to educate a total of 1,400 girls aged 12 to 16 on sexual health, gender rights, life skills and business skills - including a self-employment toolkit in South Africa

£24,782 over 2 years

Partneraid UK

Costs of purchasing equipment and furniture - plus beginning construction of 2 new classrooms - to benefit a total of 215 primary school children in Ghana

£16,000 over 2 years

Social Education for Environment and Development

Cost of constructing and equipping a hostel at a school to benefit 142 tribal girls aged 6 to 14 in India

£17,739 over 2 years

Social, Health, Education and Development

Cost of establishing 5 education centres to benefit between 150 to 200 primary and secondary school children in Tamil Nadu, India

£5,491 over 2 years

Society for Community Organization and Rural Education

Cost of training and purchase of equipment and raw materials for mushroom cultivation and compost production to benefit a total of 180 women (90 per year) in Tamil Nadu, India

£15,468 over 2 years 

Sustainable Life Trust

Cost of training and materials (trees, beehives, etc) to benefit a total of 200 women in Tamil Nadu, India

£19,746 over 2 years


Costs of providing 2 nurseries and outdoor play areas, sports activities, open days at primary schools plus associated training costs for staff to benefit up to 1,000 children in Tanzania

£15,000 over 2 years

The Haller Foundation

Costs of agricultural training for 1,500 grassroots farmers in Kenya

£15,100 over 2 years

VOC Rural Development Centre

Costs of educational support (including nutrition supplement) for a total of 452 children aged 3 to 14 in India

£7,818 over 2 years

Wherever the Need

Contribution to costs of constructing and equipping a 2-classroom school to benefit 150 children aged 6 to 12 in Sierra Leone

£9,580 over 1 year


* One grant of £13,000 awarded in September 2014 did not proceed

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