This is the list of grants we awarded in September 2016.  

19 grants, supporting education for children and training for adults with a total value of £338,768

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Grants Awarded in september 2016 – 19 grants with a total value of £338,768:    


Contribution to training for 9 teachers to effectively mentor disabled children plus 1-to-1 mentoring for 45 disabled children over 3 years plus the cost of producing a report on the model in Lira, Northern Uganda.

£17,955 over 3 years

Advantage Africa

Agricultural training and provision of livestock and follow-up support for 75 people in Kenya.

£15,737 over 2 years

Amigos Worldwide

Contribution to programme to provide skills training (eg farming, construction, hairdressing) to a total of 120 young people over 3 years in Uganda.

£21,000 over 3 years


Contribution to programme by in-country partner to provide vocational training (including construction of training centre) and employment support to 175 street children + 110 teenage mothers + 40 young widows per year in Kenya

£29,000 over 3 years

Chance for Childhood

Contribution to project to provide agricultural and entrepreneurship training to 600 young people in Uganda

£20,331 over 2 years

Developments in Literacy (DIL) Trust UK

Contribution to cost of project by in-country partner to enable 150 children to attend a school and to improve the quality of education provided by training teachers and providing resources in Pakistan.

£28,500 over 3 years

Dhaka Ahsania Mission

Cost of providing tailoring/dressmaking training to a total of 40 adults and non-formal education to a total of 320 children by in-country partner in Bangladesh.

£17,618 over 2 years

East African Playgrounds

Contribution to costs of vocational training (paid apprenticeships and internships) for a total of 45 young people in Uganda

£24,000 over 3 years


Contribution to cost of renovating and equipping a primary school and training teachers to benefit a total of 372 children aged 7-13 in Tanzania.

£11,874 over 2 years

Five Talents UK

Contribution to project to provide literacy and business skills training to 60 savings and loans groups to benefit a total of 900 people by in-country partner (MMT grant would train 12 groups = 180 people) in South Sudan.

£10,000 over 1 year

Institute of Social Research and Development

Contribution to cost of weaving and embroidery training for a total of 150 women in India.

£9,505 over 1 year

IT Schools Africa

To contribute to the IT Lab Project at the Joseph Center Christian Community School in Chilanga district in Zambia.

£4,343 over 1 year

Learning for Life

Contribution to cost of constructing and equipping (and total cost of running for 2 years) an education centre by in-country partner to benefit a total of 30 children in Nepal.

£20,610 over 3 years

Marr Munning Ashram

Funding to meet 93% of the running costs for a hostel at Jeypore for tribal children (including 10 boys) from the Koraput District, Southern Orissa (including the purchase of furniture to allow an increase in the number of children at the hostel from 30 to 40) in India and additional funding to purchase capacity building support.

£22,065 over 1 year

Milaan Be the Change

Cost of project to improve the quality of education in 10 schools to benefit a total of 1,200 children in India.

£23,235 over 2 years

Shared Interest Foundation

Cost of providing business skills training by in-country partner to 5 agricultural co-operatives which have a total of 37,030 members in Malawi.

£13,300 over 3 years


Contribution (salaries of 10 workers) to cost of project to provide agriculture training and resources (poultry and materials) to a total of 3,000 people over 3 years by inc-country partner in India.

£27,628 over 3 years

SIGNAL - Sensory Impairment Globally, Nationally & Locally

Cost of business internship project (including business start-up kits) by in-country partner to benefit a total of 24 deaf young people in Tanzania.

£21,067 over 3 years

University of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Skopje

Sponsorship of The Frank Harcourt Munning Awards – presented to the 6 highest achieving students in the final year of studies in the fields of Humanities, Architecture and Fine Arts. In 1983 Frank was made an honorary citizen of Skopje, Macedonia (then in the former country of Yugoslavia) for his leadership of the War on Want campaign to raise money when an earthquake wrecked the city in 1963. The campaign raised £1.5 million for the disaster relief fund, which at that time was the largest amount ever collected by one relief organisation.  Frank maintained a strong association with the University in Skopje for the remainder of his life and instituted the Awards in 1980.

£1,000 one-off grant


A grant of £16,244 to an NGO in India to provide vocational training for 240 young people in Jharkhand did not proceed.

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