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The Trustees are committed to ensuring the Trust is an effective, well run organisation and believe a diverse board and workforce is key to achieving this. The trustees and staff will continue to use all the tools at their disposal to push for change in this area as well as reflect on how the issue of diversity is managed within the Trust.

Currently the Board of Trustees is made up of seven members and the Trust employs two staff. Diversity statistics for the organisation are as follows:



Trustees & co-optees 

White British

(1) 1

(7) 5

White non-British


(0) 1


(1) 1

(1) 1








(2) 2

(5) 2



(3) 5




Figures for YE March 2020 are shown in brackets. Although improvements have been made in gender balance, and some in ethnicity, the trustees acknowledge that more needs to be done and are committed to actively exploring ways to achieve this and has committed to publishing diversity statistics on its website and annual report.